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Autism Information


Dr. Chris has completed training in San Diego, CA and Chicago, IL. This is considered a medical doctor’s continuing education seminar. Dr. Chris has added even more information and services for the recovery of autism at Hayes Family Chiropractic. Fridays will be reserved for the DAN! practitioner protocol counciling in the recovery of autism.

We have added the Kirkman family product lines to aid in the nutritional needs of our families. We also can order other products as we are able to. Currently, we carry about 100 different supplements, including refrigerated probiotics and other speciality items. We also have considered adding space on to the clinic in the very near future, thus enabling us to open the office to the recovery of the autistic children even more days throughout the week.

Thanks for reading this update, and let us know what you think. We hope to have the premiere treatment facility in Northwest Indiana that not only the parents love, but also that the kids can enjoy.

Yours in Health and Recovery,

Dr. Chris Hayes,DC,DAN! practitioner


I have two different things going on with the recovery process for autistic children: I use the DAN! protocol for biomedical treatments and interventions, and I also use a technique that I have developed that uses chiropractic and acupuncture points with a laser, the Marco red-tongue technique. The biomed you may have some knowledge of, the other, Marco red-tongue technique uses a gentle, chiropractic adjustment to the first vertebra, and an acupuncture laser, set to a specific frequency, to help increase the child’s IQ and verbal abilities.
Ultimately, it is your decision on how to better help your child and get the best care for them. Whether we use diet/nutrition/chiropractic/whatever, there are many choices to look at and consider. It is the best thing in the world to always try something for a true trial period, rather than not do anything and complain about it, and life afterwards.
I hope this helps in giving some explanation. Get back to me/better yet call the office to get scheduled, (727) 736-1000.
Yours in Health and Recovery,

Dr. Chris Hayes, DC, DAN! practitioner

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