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Understanding Personal Injury Protection in Florida

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PIP is the main form of insurance coverage for vehicle drivers in the state of Florida

Florida PIP is a no-fault insurance coverage that helps motorists pay medical bills and lost wages in the even of auto accident and injury in the state of Florida. Whether you are a rush-hour commuter or a leisurist day-tripper, you should know at least the basics of this law. A lot depends on whether a patient was treated within 14 days of the collision; if yes, we proceed with treatment on the patient's PIP; if no, no coverage applies. What does this mean for you? It means that, whether you are feeling symptoms or not, you should take advantage of the first 14 days that you are covered to check in with a health professional! This rule also applies to musculoskeletal injuries in general, as you will find later in this blog. 

If you were treated within 14 days of the accident, then the law will determine whether to proceed with where the claim goes- either to the patient's own PIP insurance carrier, to the patient's relative or, if the patient was a passenger, through the insurance provider of the host vehicle. 

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Add the Activator Method Into Your Healthcare Plan

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The Activator Method is an important tool in our chiropractic arsenal

The Activator Method is one of the most important diagnostic and treatment tools we have in our arsenal at Hayes Family Chiropractic; it further diversifies the amount of tools we have at our disposal to help you manage your musculoskeletal disorder. We use the Activator Method to help our patients overcome spinal pain and dysfunction, as well as for releasing trigger points in the musculature. Here are the main benefits of the Activator Method in chiropractic care:

  • Detect and treat spinal joint dysfunction
  • Identify and correct imbalances in the musculature
  • Test neurological reflexes
  • Resolve pain in the neck and back
  • Address the root cause of certain types of headaches

The Activator Method is the only instrument-assisted technique whose use is supported by clinical trials. So why is this treatment method so effective?

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The Thoracic Spine Is More Important Than You Think

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Maintaining wellness in the upper back 

The 12 vertebrae in the thoracic segment make up the longest part of the spine, providing stability and range of motion in the upper trunk. It is the only spinal segment that attaches to the rib cage meaning that it forms a vital anchor point for the structure that surrounds and protects many internal organs. It is important to understand the structures of your upper back as they give us the clues as to what is causing pain and dysfunction. To begin with, range of motion in the thoracic segment is defined differently.

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Spinal Health is a Balancing Act

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Balance is essential for spinal health

Balance is innate- the three main requirements for balance are vision, the vestibular system and the somatic sensory system. These three elements work together to define your position in space, while keeping you upright and centered, whether stationary or in motion. From a chiropractor's perspective, balance is further defined by your level of control over equilibrium and stability. This has important ramifications for wellness, injury prevention and athletic performance. But so many people treat balance as just another subconscious human process; the reality is, improving balance is a signal way to improve your overall health, while preventing against spinal injury and degeneration. 

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Hunched Over All Day: An Unnatural Position For Your Spine

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Are you a habitual sitter?

Whether it is a job requirement, or a personal preference for leisure time, Americans are spending more time in a seated position than ever. The problem? Humans were simply not designed to sit; sitting is not our spine's preferred position, as evidenced by the fact that sitting puts more downward pressure on your spine than standing or laying down. We then compound this pressure by adopting poor posture- whether you slouch down, hunch forward or perpetually sit with your head forward, any posture that is not neutral is going to increase the amount of downward pressure on your spine. Unfortunately, for many of us, there is no way to break this cycle of sitting; instead, the best thing we can do is practice damage limitation.

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The Sleeping Dragon: When Injuries Remain Dormant

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Most people will suffer an injury at some point in their lifetime

And while the degree of injury varies greatly, all of them should be treated with the gravity they deserve. The younger your body, the more resilient you are to pain and dysfunction, meaning that you are able to process an injury more effectively than an older person. However, spinal injuries, particularly those that occur in the intervertebral discs, can occur, be processed in their acute phase, and rehabilitated, but then remain; this dormancy phase essentially means that while you are able to go about your life unaffected in the meantime, the structural integrity of the disc is compromised and it begins to degrade slowly over time. Once the pain re-enters your life down the line, it seems as though it has come to stay. 

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