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Chiropractic Offers First-Resort Pain Relief


Why choose chiropractic first

Because it makes a difference in the recurrence of back pain. Few people can afford to let back pain enter into their lives and do nothing about it. While the majority of back pain does heal itself (mostly) given time and attention to rehabilitation, acute back pain can be so severe as to distract you mentally and detract from your physical performance. In the short term, we reach for pain medicine to mask the symptoms, allowing us to go about our day as though the pain isn’t there. In many cases, we then perform activities that make the pain worse and the condition deepens. At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we subscribe to a different methodology that responds and treats even first time back pain as more than just a surface symptom. 

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Drinking Water Will Save your Life

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Drinking water is the simplest way to improve your health

Are you one of the 75% of Americans who walk around chronically dehydrated?  Chronic dehydration is dangerous because your body may become used to functioning with insufficient H2O- that is, you may not be picking up on the classic signs of dehydration. Here's what to look out for: 

  • Dry, sticky mouth
  • Fatigue or mood swings 
  • Dry eyes and blurred vision
  • Headaches 
  • No need to pee and dark urine

Perhaps you can't remember your last drink of water, and if this is the case your body is certainly suffering. So stop delaying, and grab a cup of water today!

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An Action Plan for Avoiding the Post-Christmas Blues

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After the rush of the holidays, heading back to normal life can feel rather mundane

The gifts have been given and all the delicious food consumed; in the background, the christmas music persists, but it rings slightly hollow. All the build up is now over and the tree will soon be out the door- as the decorations come down we need to be wary about our moods dropping too. We identify this vaguely empty feeling as the post-Christmas blues; but it is no time to despair. Instead turn your attention to the new year and start getting excited for 2018 by designing some personal health initiatives.

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Stress and the Spine: A Roadmap to Subluxation

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Stress and pain feed off of eachother

The vicious cycle can start with either input: chronic pain causes mental anguish and stress that then causes muscle tension; chronic stress causes prolonged muscle tension which can pull your spine out of alignment and pressurize spinal nerves. The end result is more stress and more pain; the cycle perpetuates itself. At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we focus on using spinal alignment as a primary means of regulating the nervous system, reducing pain and alleviating stress.

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This Holiday Season, Believe in the Magic of the Spinal Adjustment

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A Christmas card from your Dunedin chiropractor

Once the glitter of your New Year's celebration has settled, how is your back going to feel? This is a question that many of us ignore as we are mired in holiday engagements and pursuing unhealthy holiday habits. Each New Year, we inevitably see many a patient who's back has taken a beating during the intense holiday schedule. From our perspective, that's no way to start a new year! 

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A Holiday Full of Endorphins: Nature's Painkiller

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This holiday season, focus on feeling less pain

The holiday season is a time of renewal that allows us to take a deep breath and a break from our standard busy lives. If you suffer with chronic back pain, it behooves you to take this time to focus on healing. While the holiday season is rife with challenges for back pain sufferers, as discussed in our previous blog post here, there is also plenty of time for restoration. Below you will find a few tips for releasing endorphins, your innate painkillers; these hormones are made in your body to help you experience less pain. Think of them as your holiday helpers- elves working in your body's factory to prevent pain.

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