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Managing Pain Without Painkillers


Defining your pain

Before starting any routine to manage pain, it is important to get an accurate assessment from a medical professional. When it comes to spinal problems and structural issues in the body, a comprehensive assessment at your chiropractor's office is a good way to get a grip on what is causing your pain. Is it related to the recovery and rehab from a traumatic injury? Or is it part of a longer cycle of chronic pain that is only now rising to the surface? Is the problem structural and easily addressed; or is it non-specific and hard to pinpoint? Pain is a fickle creature- it needs constant management. One of the best things you can start doing, and one of the most useful for your doctor, is to keep a journal of your pain. This gives us key insights into the nature of your pain. 

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You're Never Too Young for Back Pain

The unfortunate truth

The truth is, our spines are under pressure from day 1. The forces that conspire to debilitate us begin the second we are subjected to gravity's downward force. That's why we preach and practice chiropractic for everyone, including infants. But the larger -scale demographic trends of back pain are also concerning. Let's examine this statement, "never too young for back pain," in a little more depth

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Turning Off the Tech This Holiday Season

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Technology takes a toll

No matter how much you love it, all those devices have a measurable effect on your health. Excessive screen time keeps us from being physically active; it also keeps us from being socially active. While there is a pretense that all your social media keeps us "more in touch than ever," we are also foregoing myriad social interactions throughout the day. It becomes hard to rest with technology always around- different devices dinging, always keeping you in touch with the world around you. Disconnecting- and decompressing- becomes difficult. 

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Your Child's Back Pain Must Be Taken Seriously

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Younger spines are more resilient to the stresses of life than fully formed, adult spines

Besides the fact that children are generally more active than adults, their spine are also more flexible and resilient to injury. With more activity comes a greater chance of injury, so we do expect to see more sports-related dysfunction in younger spines. But if your young one is complaining of back pain that is unrelated to sports and is bordering on chronic, it's definitely time to sit up and take note. 

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Taking the Pain Out of Productivity

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No matter your profession, it takes a toll on your spine

Whether you are a professional runner or you sit all day at a computer; whether you bend over cars or work in a hospital; whether you are in a factory or in a forest, your job is going to extract a cost from your spine. For so many of us, productivity means pain. For the office worker, the added compression of sitting leaves you stiff and sore on your commute home. For someone who is on their feet, or bending over often, the spine is at elevated risk of injury from flexion of the spine. Taking the pain out of your workday means being proactive about prevention. 

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Choosing Spinal Health Care Specialists in Dunedin

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When managing your pain becomes more than you can bear...

...many of us turn to our primary care providers for help; many of those PCPs may then refer you on to a spinal health care specialist or a spinal surgeon to consult over the pain. At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we specialize in treating spines with non-invasive techniques. By promoting conservative care, we take a calculated approach that aims to prevent you from having to go under the knife. This is proven time and again to be the best way to start off when treating conditions of the spine. True, your condition may call for surgery- but starting with conservative care helps us develop a clearer picture of the interplay between your spine, your medical history and your lifestyle.

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