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This Holiday Season, Believe in the Magic of the Spinal Adjustment

Spinal adjustment dunedin

A Christmas card from your Dunedin chiropractor

Once the glitter of your New Year's celebration has settled, how is your back going to feel? This is a question that many of us ignore as we are mired in holiday engagements and pursuing unhealthy holiday habits. Each New Year, we inevitably see many a patient who's back has taken a beating during the intense holiday schedule. From our perspective, that's no way to start a new year! 

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A Holiday Full of Endorphins: Nature's Painkiller

Endorphins painkiller dunedin

This holiday season, focus on feeling less pain

The holiday season is a time of renewal that allows us to take a deep breath and a break from our standard busy lives. If you suffer with chronic back pain, it behooves you to take this time to focus on healing. While the holiday season is rife with challenges for back pain sufferers, as discussed in our previous blog post here, there is also plenty of time for restoration. Below you will find a few tips for releasing endorphins, your innate painkillers; these hormones are made in your body to help you experience less pain. Think of them as your holiday helpers- elves working in your body's factory to prevent pain.

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A Christmas Nightmare: Traveling with Back Pain

Back pain christmas dunedin

Christmas offers a unique challenge for people suffering with back pain

Nothing says Christmas like family. But for many of us in America, seeing our family requires traveling great distances. Whether by car, train or plane, there is no best option for people with back pain. The thought of hours spent in unsupportive seats is a true Christmas nightmare. If you are among the millions of Americans suffering with spinal problems this holiday season, be proactive about preventing many of the risk factors that contribute to your back pain.

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The Perfect Gift this Holiday Season: Spinal Health Awareness

Young spines dunedin

Back pain has for too long been stygmatized as a condition of elderly people

Even today, with the internet and all of its information at our fingertips, there seems to be a dearth of awareness regarding simple health issues. Perhaps this void is gettting larger because of the preponderance of misinformation being fed into it. For young people, this capacity to access information seems almost built in. Yet the amount of distractions it provides often overwhelm its positive attributes.

Take back pain for example; yes your back is naturally resilient to injury and pain at a young age; no it will not stay that way forever. Depending on your job, and level of activity, it could reach a point of degradation sooner rather than later. Even if you don't believe that the spine is a pinnacle of wellness, anyone can agree that back pain is not doing you any favors. 

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Helping the Athletes of our Community Overcome Sciatica

sciatica dunedin

Weight lifting is one of the biggest risk factors for sciatica

All shades of athlete benefit from weight lifting as part of a regular muscle building routine. Unfortunately, weight lifting poses a threat to the lower back; the mere act of lifting is one of the most dangerous actions you can perform when it comes to the health of your spine. A further complication of lifting is the added risk for poor posture and/or biomechanics while lifting.

The more weight you lift, the higher the risk of a vertebrae moving out of position and compressing a nerve.  When this vertebral compression affects the sciatic nerve, the pain can spread throughout your legs and even appear in places seemingly unrelated to the injury. The nature of sciatic nerve pain is distinct and tells us to look for dysfunction affecting the sciatic nerve. There are many conditions and injuries that can contribute to sciatica, including:

  • Herniated discs
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Subluxation 
  • Vertebral stress fractures

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When Sciatica Strikes, Choose Chiropractic

Chiropractic for sciatica in Dunedin

Sciatica in Dunedin

Sciatica is a condition of aging. While rates remain low among the youth population, sciatica becomes prominent in young adults and very common for seniors over 60 years. The problem is most often caused by nerve compression; the sciatic nerve, being the longest and largest spinal nerve in the human body, is prone to the effects of wear and tear that affects your spine as you age. 

Characteristics of sciatic nerve pain

  • Intensity from mild to severe and frequency from intermittent to constant
  • Feelings of burning, numbing, tingling 
  • Pain can be dull or sharp and is often accompanied by a feeling of pins and needles

Chiropractic is tailor made for sciatica

There are many causes for sciatica but the most common one is nerve impingement. One of the most commonly identifiable causes of sciatica is subluxation in the lower vertebrae- misaligned vertebral bodies that put pressure on nearby spinal nerves. This means that a proper diagnosis of your sciatic nerve pain is the most important way of guaranteeing success in overcoming it. At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we are dedicated to giving you a thorough examination that determines exactly what is causing your sciatica. From here, we set a proactive course of treatment that aims to restore spinal alignment to relieve pressure on your sciatic nerve.

Overcoming sciatica in Dunedin

We want to help you leave sciatica behind for good. Enacting a regime of stretching and strengthening ensures that the core muscles maintain the alignment of your spine and body's balance moving forward. If you are interested in treating your sciatic nerve pain the right way, give our office in Dunedin a call to schedule an appointment today.