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 516 Patricia Ave. Dunedin, FL 34698
(727) 736-1000

Insurance & Payment Options

We accept Blue Cross, United, Ambetter, Medicare, Medicaid, and more to come!

We would like to educate everybody about what it is that we do as Doctors of chiropractic. That is why we have great classes and workshops that are put on every week. Dr. Chris Hayes can be heard boasting almost daily that he has another 100 years before he may consider semi-retiring from his work with chiropractic. Do you know why he makes this claim? Due to the fact that he has figured out and applied the secret of longevity and a HAPPY AND HEALTHY EXISTENCE. He yearns to share this knowledge with the whole world!

As an added bonus, Dr. Chris has begun a regular series of extra workshops each month to educate his patient more in depth about various health topics including, diet, nutrition, exercise science, and so much more!

A quality life could be yours, if you make the right decisions. How does one make the right choices unless they know the most important ones to make for you and your family?

Do yourself and your family a really big favor and start your whole body care right away and get learning all of these secrets to the best life ever imagined! We'll see you there!