Chiro near me car accident

Auto Injury

Chiro near me car accident Dunedin

Were you or a loved one in an auto accident?

Be sure to get evaluated within the first 14 days following the accident to protect your

rights to get care covered by your pip coverage.

(No Referral Needed!)

Even if things seem like a little fender bender.

Better safe than sorry!

Similarly, don’t lose your right to fair treatment.

Do not hesitate another minute, call 727-736-1000 to get your initial exam ASAP!

In other words, do not let the insurance companies off the hook!

Chiro near me car accident

Our office has relationships with local, reputable attorneys that will fight for you to be made whole again.

Chiro near me car accident 2

Your aches and pains may not even surface until weeks or months after the accident.

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We don’t get with the big national chains and settle quick firms that are just trying to settle for a quick buck and a high settlement ratio.

Wrong place.

Wrong time.

Even if you can get your car fixed, don’t forget to get yourself fixed too!

Bulged or herniated discs? Ligament damages?

Shooting pains in your arms or legs?

Help is here!

Get your initial evaluation ASAP!

We work with firms that have a heart and take the time to treat you like family.
Just as our doctors will treat you!
Call 727-736-1000 to get the honest opinions of doctors and their trusted attorneys.
Do it while you still have time.

At Hayes Family Chiropractic we are prepared for you and your family.

In addition, for the protection of our customers and our employees, we're keeping up with the guidance of the W.H.O. and the I.C.C.

The staff have disinfected all surfaces and implemented recommended strategies to keep safe distances between all customers and employees.

Moreover, our chiropractor and staff are on top of the most current information available to businesses.

We are open for business.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about your health at 727-736-1000