Class 2 Erchonia fx635


Our office has had the distinct pleasure of adding the Erchonia fx635, class II, low level laser to our offerings. This laser specifically, has multiple FDA clearances. The most common things being cleared by the FDA for low back pain, plantar fasciitis, and nociceptive musculoskeletal pain. We let it be known that the lasers are not guaranteeing any treatment or cure. We only point out that the low-level laser treatment has no side effects, is non-addictive, non-surgical, and pain free for an alternative method of relief. We are asking patients to take a chance on benefits from the low-level laser treatment, when nothing else has worked for them.

Starting now, we are offering treatment trials for most conditions. The treatment trials are 2x/week for 6 weeks; or 3x/week for 4 weeks. This is not a paid trial, but a reduced cost method to help patients find help. The cost of the low-level laser treatment is $50 per use on an area(about 10 minutes), 2 treatments for $90, pre-paid, or a treatment trial as listed above, prepaid in full, with a discounted rate of $510 total for that package. We are very satisfied with the results, thus far. We look forward to adding your great results among the thousands of others that have experienced them.