Outstanding service

Just wanted to say how great you guys have treated me and my family. We love being treated by your office and really feel at home with your staff. I wish more doctors had offices like yours. Keep up the amazing work!

Matt B.

Highly Recommend

SInce having kids, I’ve had a lot of back and neck issues. It seems every time I move or try to keep up with my kids, the pain starts flairing up again. I was taking pain relief medication constantly and had had enough. I called the doctor and they really went above and beyond to help me out. Ever since going to this office I have felt better and have seen amazing results with chiropractic care. Thank you for all that you do!

Gina R.

Great Doctor!

This office did an amazing job helping me with my low back problems! I’ve tried so many things to get better and this office gave me answers I’d been looking for. Thanks for all your help!

Eddie P.

I have less tension

I came here for TMJ, ear pain, neck and shoulder tension and lower back. My jaw is much better, and I have less tension. I have no lower back pain. I would definatelyrecommend this chiropractic office. The staff is very friendly. Dr. Diane is very thorough and I enjoy her openness. I am happy with the chiropractic care and the kindness.


I no longer need the AFO

I have been coming to Hayes Family Chiropractic since April of 2006. I have MS. I had eight weeks of vertigo and no medicine would work for me. After coming here three times, the vertigo has left and not returned. Also have had dizziness and Dr. Chrid has taken care of that also. The most important-Dr. Chris told me I wouldn’t need my AFO’s(ankle-foot orthotics) someday on my first visit, but it may take sometime. I’ve had AFO’s on both legs for many years. After 2 months, my physical therapist told me to walk without my AFO’s. I’ve never done that before. I did have severe foot drop on left so I need that AFO. But she said on the right leg I no longer need the AFO. I walk better without it.


My back pain is all but gone

When I came in my arm was hurting so bad I couldn’t sleep also had pain in back. In 3 weeks my back pain is all but gone and my arm is on a scale of 1 to 10 is now a 2. I always had thought of this field of medicine as a voodoo medicine, but now if I get a cold I call Dr. Hayes.


I recommend it ! It truly helps!

I came here for anxiety and tiredness.I have a lot more energy and am able to stay awake throughout the day, And the anxiety is better, we are still working on it, but I believe it will be gone soon! The staff and doctors are wonderful! They are extremely helpful and very caring and considerate. They are also very understanding and will help in any way they can. The Acupuncture is a very helpful and a wonderful treatment. I recommend it ! It truly helps!


I actually had no pain

Lower back pain due to disk herniation and degenerative disk disease. My pain was at a 10 in my entier lower back area, especially on my left side, along with pain in my upper left leg. My pain now stays at a 2 or lower and after my second week of being adjusted by Dr. Chris, I actually had no pain.