Q & A on M6 MLS robotic laser at our office 

Laser Therapy

Why is a chiropractor using a laser?  What does the laser do? Do I need to consider laser treatments for my aches and pains?  These are a sampling of the many questions that we get regularly regarding our added M6 MLS class 4 laser.  I will attempt to delve into the abyss with answering some of these questions to the best of my ability. 

My first question is not a real hard one to answer.  As a doctor of chiropractic, I have a task to locate and remove misalignments from a person’s body, thus returning them to improved function.  I do not ever express to my patients that I am a pain doctor, or healing master of pains and aches.  I do, however, let it be known that as a side effect of chiropractic specific adjustments, one can have their pain diminish. The M6 MLS class 4 laser actually has two specific wavelengths of energy that reduce inflammation and pain.  This usually happens within 1-3 visits that we see and can know there is positive change. Hope this helps you understand why. 

The next stop on this line of questioning is about what can the laser specifically do.  Let’s get the nerdy stuff out of the way for my engineers and other healthcare professionals. The M6 MLS laser device utilizes a proprietary and patented delivery system that synchronizes two wavelengths, 808 nm and 905 nm. The 808 nm wavelength provides anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects via a continuous wave delivery. The 905 nm wavelength provides analgesic effects, with some of the same effects of the 808 nm wavelength and is delivered using pulsed mode laser energy. With these wavelengths and synchronized delivery system, the laser penetrates up to 3-4 cm depending on the tissue type. Depending on which hand piece you are using, power ranges from 1.1W to 3.3W on your laser. Time and frequency can be determined by the user, or the predetermined settings for different protocols. Therefore, the total energy delivered is variable, depending on the condition. The rest of us need to know that this device works to get rid of swelling, inflammation, and pain in a gentle, non-surgical, non-invasive, and drug free method. 

The last question is a very complex question with several different answers. I have been explaining to patients that there are great reasons to use this technology, such as chronic arthritis pain in the neck or lower back, chronic knee arthritis and pain, chronic hip arthritis and pain, and several other chronic issues.  Multiple practitioners have tried everything else with no success at all. The laser doesn’t completely remove everything, but has helped in cases where others have failed completely.  I look to give a person hope with our new laser therapy equipment. The overall efficacy of this is 80-90% difference in a short time comparatively. Our doctors are working diligently to advance their education to expand to areas of expertise for the treatment of our people.   

Imagine that you have been an 8/10 on a pain scale for 10+ years with no relief whatsoever and you have begun referring to this as your normal aches and pains.  There is nothing normal about pain. It is an alarm for your body to get checked out and do something. Now imagine that you got a treatment and the pain has been cut by 40-75% on a daily basis. What would that do for your life? How would the world look to you at that time? Would you finally have some hope?  We strive to do our very best for all of our community.  We let it be known in advance that the laser is FDA approved, but it is not yet covered by any of the insurance companies.