When Being Bipedal Becomes a Curse: The Problems with Overpronation

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Do you pay attention to the way you walk? 

If you are like most people, you get up, put on your shoes and go. The act of walking becomes so subconscious that we never stop to check our gait. But your gait says a lot about you; from a chiropractor’s perspective, your gait also says a lot about your spinal health. Being bipedal means that a large percentage of the shock your body receives on a daily basis is processed through your feet. 

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Preventing and Treating Pinched Nerves in Dunedin

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The “pinched nerve,“ is a ubiquitous blanket term; what exactly does it mean?

Very broadly, a pinched nerve happens when a given nerve is put under too much pressure by the surrounding bones, muscles and tendons. The pressure causes interference in nervous system signaling which translates to pain, numbness, tingling sensations and weakness. The nerve causes pain during movement, limiting range of motion; it can also cause radicular pain In which the actual discomfort is experienced somewhere other than the nerve which is pressurized. The scientific term radiculopathy is used to describe injury or simply irritation to a nerve which causes pain and contributes to dysfunction in the body. 

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The sign says Chiropractic but it also has a Massage Therapist.

Bear Paws is aptly named and from the moment you shake hands with this person you know those hands will help your body. A visitor from out of state, I needed massage treatment. What this man does puts a different definition to the word massage. I have had many massage treatments throughput North America and this is the best I have encountered. He knows what he is doing and has the large hands yet tender touch to prove it. When he says the hour is up it seems like only minutes, and it is disappointing to know it has ended. if you want a successful massage from a gentle giant of a person, in many ways, The Paws is the one to get. You will not be disappointed.

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Very friendly and professional practice.

The front office staff of Amanda and Martha are very welcoming and warm. They explain the process in detail including going over financials and your treatment plan. Nothing hidden here, there is full disclosure. The manual therapist, Ian aka “Bear Paws” is also excellent. His therapy provides instant pain relief using a variety of techniques. Very knowledgeable and also makes you feel welcome there. Dr. Chris is very thorough and takes the time to really engage with you; unlike other practitioners where you can sense them wanting to get you in and out quickly so they can see as many patients as possible. You will actually be seen at the time of your appointment; no long waits in this office! The chiropractic care is top notch and they seem to have all the latest technology and techniques available. Highly recommend.

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Preventing Spinal Misalignment Day by Day

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Spinal misalignment is a part of daily life

In fact, your spine is most likely misaligned as you read this. But misalignment does not necessarily need to be a cause for concern if you view your spine through the right lens. Too many people view their spine as a single structure, immutable and rigid. The truth is, your spine is a shifting mosaic of spinal motion segments, each specifically designed for a different type of motion.

  • Cervical: provides flexibility and stability for the neck and supports the weight of the head,
  • Thoracic: provides for rotation, flexion and extension of the upper body. 
  • Lumbar: supports the weight of the upper body, and provides stability to prevent excessive range of motion from damaging the spine 

Despite what it may seem, your spine is designed for movement. But movement, and more importantly, lack of movement, are precisely the forces that help move your spine out of alignment. Misalignment is a natural part of life; it becomes a problem when:

  • Musculature develops unevenly
  • It causes dysfunction in the nervous system
  • It contributes to spinal degneration 
  • It contributes to pain. 

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