His staff is very friendly

Dr. Hayes is a terrific and knowledgeable chiropractor. He is always happy to answer all my questions and his staff is very friendly and accommodating. I am very pleased with my visits and highly recommend this place.

Huy Tran

A Miracle Worker

I can only say that Dr. Hayes is a miracle worker! He knows exactly where to find new/old misalignment’s and from my first treatment I was in less pain! Within weeks he has transformed me from feeling like a 90 year old back to feeling in my 30s. I was in severe pain with shooting pains down my arms and legs, inability to move my neck side to side, chronic lower back pain, numbness, stiffness. I can now move my neck, feel more relaxed, have mobility, flexibility, energy and vigor. The entire team is warm, friendly and knowledgeable at Hayes Family Chiropractic. Brianna is a fantastic assistant and is especially knowledgeable regarding all types of insurance including how much your payment will be. I would definitely recommend Hayes Chiropractic to all my family and friends!

Valeri Whitt

The staff is great!

Wonderful place to go if you want to fix the root of your back problems, not just a quick fix like other places. The staff is great, very easy to talk to and attentive to your needs. Dr. Hayes is very knowledgeable and explains everything about the process. And you definitely see results, I haven’t had a single incident with my sciatic nerve in weeks, no more waking up with mystery aches and pains, and my back doesn’t lock up on me anymore! I highly recommend going here to everyone I know.

Amanda French

Dr. Hayes is always so attentive

Dr. Hayes is always so attentive and seems to know what wrong every time I go in. I find the way he invests himself in patient care and patients’ lives really nice. He likes to talk and learn about his patients and have patients learn about him and his family. He seems to not worry about the money and is more focused on your health overall and it’s appreciated greatly!

Seo Yeon

This place is a God send!

This place is a God send! Dr. Hayes is amazing and so knowledgeable! He is helping me to heal old injuries. Ian the massage therapist is just as amazing. Thanks to the team at Hayes Chiro. I highly recommend.

Iliana Edwards

They’re so friendly & attentive.

I love all the staff here & the whole family. They’re so friendly & attentive. They’ll get to the source of your issue instead of just covering up symptoms. If you want to really heal come here! Even my 3 yr old loves coming to see Doc.

Samantha Stefano

These guys are great!

The entire staff is awesome. There are two who stand out; the doctor and the massage therapist. Dr. Chris is so good at straightening the spine. It’s amazing that he can touch and feel where is out of place. Then he pops and cracks it back in and you’re on the road to spinal health! The doctor is very experienced and will get your spine properly aligned, quickly. He is also genuinely a nice guy, who is fun to talk to. Now, the other specialist that needs tremendous spotlight is Ian, the massage therapist. He is nicknamed “Bear Paws”, and he has fantastic strength behind those mitts. He is also very experienced at what he does. He will coerce your muscles through manipulation and peaceful pressured persuasion until it hurts so good that you’ll feel ultimately relaxed. I had never been to a masseuse prior. Bear Paw’s bedside manner was excellent. He’s very professional and proper, to a high class extent. Amazing, because he will joke with you in the lobby like you went to school together. They are all really a nice bunch. The front office staff has a great sense of humor (which I appreciate), and they are a family business. Good group!! Recommend!!!

Cory Allen

I found this gem accidentally and boy am I glad.

I complained to my husband of back pain after having my two pregnancies 8 months apart I felt like someone had stolen my body from me. I am only 28 why do I feel like 78 I bet people that are 78 felt better than I have. I remember for the longest time I kept saying I need to see a chiropractor but like any other person who has never been to one I just kept putting it off until one morning I got up and couldn’t move. I left like someone stabbed a knife in my back and I was walking around like I didn’t want to bleed out. That morning I called Dr. Hayes office and he picked up he talked to me like I was family and told me he would get me in right away. I will never forget that first visit I was practically limping into the office I couldn’t walk normally the shooting pain was insanely painful. It took under 5 minutes for Dr. Hayes to bring me back from the dead. I practically jumped walking out of his office. I couldn’t believe it I wasn’t given any pain medication I didn’t have to climb a mountain to find the magical flower to heal me I just had to drive 5 minutes down the street and into an office of a very “AAHMAZING” chiropractor to feel like I’m 18 again. When I got home I told my husband all about this magical AKA my happy place and set him an appointment that same day we take our girls too 2 year old and a one year old Brianna is great with them we just love this whole office the atmosphere Amanda’s smiling face when we walk in. It just feels like visiting a family place which it is!!!! I highly recommend to everyone out there to check this place out they really are here to help with anything in a natural way no magic pill needed here!!

Dzemila Krivdic

I’ve wrote a review for this place before.

This time I wish I could rate more than 5 stars! I already really liked coming here for massages so when I was told I’d see a different massage therapist this time I was nervous… but there was no need. I met Ian, “bear paws” and immediately i knew it was going to be a great massage! His energy was great and you could tell he was confident I would walk out satisfied. it was incredible.. Best massage ever!

Cecilia Townsend

Awesome massage (the best ever) and adjustment.

This place makes me feel good. When you live with constant pain due to an injury, it makes everyday activities difficult. Dr. Hayes is very efficient in releasing my pain. He is very friendly, gentle, helpful, and very knowledgeable. Very effective in relieving my back, neck, and leg pain. He is one of the best chiropractors I have seen. I recommend him to anyone, especially if it’s your first time dealing with a chiropractor.

Carly Miller