Regaining a Normal Life Post Accident

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After the accident

Even after a “small” accident, your life is heavily impacted; even if you deem yourself uninjured, there can still be psychological scars and injuries under the surface. After all, the human body can only withstand so much radical movement; a seemingly innocuous accident can push our bodies to the outer limit of their range of motion through rapid, damaging motions like whiplash. Driving-wise, you may lack confidence on the road or find fear in previously neutral situations. But it is important to remember that, in all this, your health is the most important factor in a post-accident world. As you navigate the realms of insurance claims, be sure to check in with a primary care physician, chiropractor or physiotherapist to ensure that your body hasn’t suffered damage under the surface. Our previous blog here  covers Florida’s Personal Injury Protection statue and the importance of seeking care within the first 14 days of an accident. Read on to find out why choosing chiropractic is the right choice. 

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Understanding Personal Injury Protection in Florida

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PIP is the main form of insurance coverage for vehicle drivers in the state of Florida

Florida PIP is a no-fault insurance coverage that helps motorists pay medical bills and lost wages in the even of auto accident and injury in the state of Florida. Whether you are a rush-hour commuter or a leisurist day-tripper, you should know at least the basics of this law. A lot depends on whether a patient was treated within 14 days of the collision; if yes, we proceed with treatment on the patient’s PIP; if no, no coverage applies. What does this mean for you? It means that, whether you are feeling symptoms or not, you should take advantage of the first 14 days that you are covered to check in with a health professional! This rule also applies to musculoskeletal injuries in general, as you will find later in this blog. 

If you were treated within 14 days of the accident, then the law will determine whether to proceed with where the claim goes- either to the patient’s own PIP insurance carrier, to the patient’s relative or, if the patient was a passenger, through the insurance provider of the host vehicle. 

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These guys are great!

The entire staff is awesome. There are two who stand out; the doctor and the massage therapist. Dr. Chris is so good at straightening the spine. It’s amazing that he can touch and feel where is out of place. Then he pops and cracks it back in and you’re on the road to spinal health! The doctor is very experienced and will get your spine properly aligned, quickly. He is also genuinely a nice guy, who is fun to talk to. Now, the other specialist that needs tremendous spotlight is Ian, the massage therapist. He is nicknamed “Bear Paws”, and he has fantastic strength behind those mitts. He is also very experienced at what he does. He will coerce your muscles through manipulation and peaceful pressured persuasion until it hurts so good that you’ll feel ultimately relaxed. I had never been to a masseuse prior. Bear Paw’s bedside manner was excellent. He’s very professional and proper, to a high class extent. Amazing, because he will joke with you in the lobby like you went to school together. They are all really a nice bunch. The front office staff has a great sense of humor (which I appreciate), and they are a family business. Good group!! Recommend!!!

Cory Allen

I found this gem accidentally and boy am I glad.

I complained to my husband of back pain after having my two pregnancies 8 months apart I felt like someone had stolen my body from me. I am only 28 why do I feel like 78 I bet people that are 78 felt better than I have. I remember for the longest time I kept saying I need to see a chiropractor but like any other person who has never been to one I just kept putting it off until one morning I got up and couldn’t move. I left like someone stabbed a knife in my back and I was walking around like I didn’t want to bleed out. That morning I called Dr. Hayes office and he picked up he talked to me like I was family and told me he would get me in right away. I will never forget that first visit I was practically limping into the office I couldn’t walk normally the shooting pain was insanely painful. It took under 5 minutes for Dr. Hayes to bring me back from the dead. I practically jumped walking out of his office. I couldn’t believe it I wasn’t given any pain medication I didn’t have to climb a mountain to find the magical flower to heal me I just had to drive 5 minutes down the street and into an office of a very “AAHMAZING” chiropractor to feel like I’m 18 again. When I got home I told my husband all about this magical AKA my happy place and set him an appointment that same day we take our girls too 2 year old and a one year old Brianna is great with them we just love this whole office the atmosphere Amanda’s smiling face when we walk in. It just feels like visiting a family place which it is!!!! I highly recommend to everyone out there to check this place out they really are here to help with anything in a natural way no magic pill needed here!!

Dzemila Krivdic

I’ve wrote a review for this place before.

This time I wish I could rate more than 5 stars! I already really liked coming here for massages so when I was told I’d see a different massage therapist this time I was nervous… but there was no need. I met Ian, “bear paws” and immediately i knew it was going to be a great massage! His energy was great and you could tell he was confident I would walk out satisfied. it was incredible.. Best massage ever!

Cecilia Townsend

Awesome massage (the best ever) and adjustment.

This place makes me feel good. When you live with constant pain due to an injury, it makes everyday activities difficult. Dr. Hayes is very efficient in releasing my pain. He is very friendly, gentle, helpful, and very knowledgeable. Very effective in relieving my back, neck, and leg pain. He is one of the best chiropractors I have seen. I recommend him to anyone, especially if it’s your first time dealing with a chiropractor.

Carly Miller

To say Hayes Chiropractic is like family would be an understatement.

I have never sought out Chiropractic services before and was timid, to say the least, when I first came into Hayes, but after 1 session I honestly felt so good and also felt that my care was in good hands. Every time I walk into Hayes I am greeted by Amanda, Bear Paws, Bri, Hunter, Megan, and most importantly Doc himself making me feel like all my pain (and worries) are about to go away. From the moment I step in I am taken care of from the awesome adjustment, to the incredible manual therapy by Bear Paws and the true care from the office staff…I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the Hayes practice and how I have and will continue to recommend them for years to come.

Autumn Marie

Add the Activator Method Into Your Healthcare Plan

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The Activator Method is an important tool in our chiropractic arsenal

The Activator Method is one of the most important diagnostic and treatment tools we have in our arsenal at Hayes Family Chiropractic; it further diversifies the amount of tools we have at our disposal to help you manage your musculoskeletal disorder. We use the Activator Method to help our patients overcome spinal pain and dysfunction, as well as for releasing trigger points in the musculature. Here are the main benefits of the Activator Method in chiropractic care:

  • Detect and treat spinal joint dysfunction
  • Identify and correct imbalances in the musculature
  • Test neurological reflexes
  • Resolve pain in the neck and back
  • Address the root cause of certain types of headaches

The Activator Method is the only instrument-assisted technique whose use is supported by clinical trials. So why is this treatment method so effective?

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The Thoracic Spine Is More Important Than You Think

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Maintaining wellness in the upper back 

The 12 vertebrae in the thoracic segment make up the longest part of the spine, providing stability and range of motion in the upper trunk. It is the only spinal segment that attaches to the rib cage meaning that it forms a vital anchor point for the structure that surrounds and protects many internal organs. It is important to understand the structures of your upper back as they give us the clues as to what is causing pain and dysfunction. To begin with, range of motion in the thoracic segment is defined differently.

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