Subluxation: a Real Pain in the Neck

Subluxation neck

Subluxation means dysfunction 

Subluxation can result from the jostling of every day movements, direct trauma or seemingly innocuous actions such as sitting with poor posture. Once subluxated, the joint is liable to cause a lot of trouble: from interruption of nerve signalling to contributing to poor circulation, pain and more. Subluxation in the cervical vertebrae are particularly troubling because the nerve pain can be referred to the head, leaving you with a rather misleading headache. 

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Why Choose Chiropractic in the Wake of Auto Accidents

auto accident chiropractic dunedin

Even minor accidents have lasting consequences

In the aftermath of a car accident it can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of paper work, police reports, legal conversations and other parts of the fall out. But there is one thing more important than everything else: your health! In the wake of an auto-accident, we urge you to prioritize the physical well-being of you and yours.

Chiropractic’s role after an accident

 At our office in Dunedin, we offer the following benefits for people involved in auto accidents.

  • A full physical examination to determine the extent of the trauma on your body
  • Reducing pain and inflammation: many auto injuries involve micro tears to the soft tissue throughout the body and inflammation can cause a lot of pain in the days after. Chiropractic helps to minimize inflammation and jump start the healing process.
  • Minimizing the growth of scar tissue: scar tissue can adhere to normal tissue and create epicenters of tightness and pain; it can even trap nerves underneath this new layer of dense, thick tissue. Keeping scar tissue at a minimum is a key way of restoring range of motion
  • Restoring range of motion

It is important to remember that the sooner you detect a problem, whether it be whiplash, subluxation, damage to tissues in the back or something more serious, the sooner you can start healing. Certain injuries and related symptoms may not surface for up to weeks after the initial accident. 

Chiropractic cares for people involved in auto accidents in Dunedin

As specialists in the biomechanical form of the human body, we believe strongly that anyone who has been involved in a car accident should be evaluated by a chiropractor. 

Whiplash! Protecting your Neck in the Wake of Trauma

whiplash in Dunedin

Whiplash is the catchier name for neck strain

Whiplash, or neck strain, refers to damage to the muscles and tendons in the neck, or the soft tissue that connects muscle to bone. Whereas neck sprain refers to tearing of the ligaments which connect bone to bone. The causes of both are very similar: acute injury due to forceful impact, such as that which is sustained during a car accident or a particularly heavy football tackle. 

A description of the motion that gives whiplash its name

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What is Chronic Muscle Tension Doing to You?

muscle tension in Dunedin

What is causing your muscle tension in the first place?

Muscles tense in reaction to stress, both physical and mental. Furthermore the central nervous system reacts to stress by altering the function of blood vessels and reducing blood flow to both muscles and nerves in the back. With reduced blood flow, the cells are receiving less than sufficient oxygen they need for respiration and waste products are allowed to accumulate; this in itself can lead to muscle spasm and back pain. When this natural reaction to stress leaves your muscles in a semi-contracted state for too long, soreness and stiffness ensue. 

Chronic muscle tension has a lasting impact 

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Are you Overburdening your Body with Subluxation?

subluxation in Dunedin

Subluxation refers to the spine moving out of alignment. Chiropractic theory holds that subluxation is the cause of many problems with health and thus correcting a subluxation can have a domino effect of positive outcomes in the health of both body and mind. Let’s begin by looking at how subluxation throws a wrench in the works of your nervous system. 

Subluxation creates a network of challenges for your nerves

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