Is it the right choice? 

Did you ever hear that you should immediately go to the chiropractor after an auto accident?  Not many do. They are told to go to the ER, Urgent Care, or their primary doctor.  I know what you are thinking. Oh boy, the chiropractor is going to start saying we don’t need medical care!?  Not at all.  There is a place for the medical field, of course.  They take care of fractures, internal illnesses, and even heart or other vital organ system diseases and disorders. We need them too. I would like to make people think about the choices they make. 

I believe that we are consistently fed through the television, magazines, ads, and newspapers what we should do. The responsible thing to do, the right thing to do, what they would like you to do.  Sounds odd, like programming.  Ask yourself some questions.  Make it make sense if you can.  There are many things done that should not be done in medical facilities but are done to cover the butts of the doctor or hospital system. Let’s go through and review a few of these. 

Why are CT scans being ordered after a crash?  The only reason I would think is if you had a head injury and they wanted to make certain you are not having a brain bleed.  Anything else is pretty far-reaching. The reports usually come back saying unremarkable. Does the amount of exposure to radiation help the person getting the scan help either? 

Why do they take x-rays lying down? Our spines are resisting gravity when we were in the accident. We are on our feet resisting gravity when moving around and performing activities of daily living. Why would they want to see a film without the effects of gravity on the spine? It would seem as though they are trying to help the insurance companies or something.  If their films or imaging studies support the side of the insurance, they don’t have to pay as much for care. This is just one of my theories of foxes in the hen house with insurance companies and the medical world coming together for the common cause of profit. 

If the hospital or group refers to surgery, it is usually in-house physicians, benefitting the same system and administration. This is good to keep records all together and control of the clinical case.  It is bad, for the patient, because things get forced on the patient that they may not need. This would be like a spine surgery.  Some surgeries are necessary and I get that.  I just remember the last time I perused a copy of the JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) on the statistics on spine surgeries were very grim.  They noted that 85-87% of all spine surgeries failed on the national average.  YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY.  

Why would the insurance keep paying for these surgeries then if they overwhelmingly fail.  Could it be because the patient of the failed surgery would from then on be a patient of pain management for the rest of their lives?  They would be going to disability eventually and then getting Medicare SSI to pay for all these costs.  This would be a huge payoff for the pharmaceutical companies for life time customers.  I hope that I stirred your thoughts a little to the larger picture and reality of the way the world works. Dirty hands, washing the dirty hands of others to fulfill their greedy quotas. This rant over.  Please be open-minded and think about the truth.  Don’t let your health suffer. 

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