Knowing your Spine is the Best Way to Keep it Healthy

spinal motion segments

The smallest functional unit of the spine

Your spine is made up of thirty-three vertebrae, and between each is a spinal motion segment which is made up of the following main components: 

  • The two vertebrae
  • Intervertebral disc 
  • Two facet joints
  • Ligaments and other soft tissues for support

The first three are known as the articulation triad and overall, their purpose is to allow for slight, stable mobility of the spine while preventing damage from excessive motion. The discs perform shock-absorption duties, absorbing compressive forces and preventing the vertebrae from directly grinding on each other. The facet joints connect the vertebrae together and allow for some, but not-too-much motion. The ligaments serve to hold the vertebrae in place and all the spinal motion segments combine to keep you upright and mobile. 

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Blood is Fuel: Boosting Circulation with Chiropractic


Circulation is power for body and mind

Blood is fuel: it contains oxygen and nutrients that help cells repair and regrow, and allows vital organs including the brain to use those inputs to function better. The most classic way to boost circulation is by exercising: whether you are lifting weights or moving aerobically, the natural response of your body is to increase blood flow. But too often, we don’t get the daily exercise we need, or other factors conspire to inhibit our circulation. Because good circulation is a cornerstone of good health, we want to be aware of those factors that contribute to poor circulation.

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Spinal Elongation is Therapeutic

spinal elongation

Spinal elongation provides for decompression 

And for the myriad people suffering back pain due to compressive forces, they know that you can’t put a price on how good decompression feels. Every single day, our spines undergo a variety of movements, some of which cause compression to the vertebrae. Spinal configurations such as forward head posture, hyperlordosis and scoliosis wreak havoc with the spine and leave it even more vulnerable to those same compressive forces. Left alone for long enough, the poor spinal curvature becomes even more pronounced, spinal discs narrow and discs degenerate. How do we stop this compressive force train from rolling? Spinal elongation is a start. 

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Car Accidents and Soft Tissues

whiplash dunedin

Soft tissue injuries are among the most common types of injuries sustained after automobile accidents

As Americans, we are a commuting culture. Driving is, for many people, an indelible part of their lifestyle; as a result, we constantly put ourselves at the risk of our own and other’s split second decisions. It is estimated that as many as three million people a year are injured in automobile-related incidents. It is important to remember that even the slightest of fender benders can cause injury; among the most common injuries in this type of accident are soft tissue injuries. 

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Preventative Chiropractic: A Balanced Body

body balance

Chiropractic is about prevention

Chiropractic care is just as effective at preventing injuries as it is treating them. Unfortunately, many people think of chiropractic only after the fact. At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we would like to change the script: regular chiropractic care provides the maintenance your body needs to thrive just like with any machine. Because so much communication occurs through the spinal column, proper alignment of the spine is a significant factor when it comes to overall wellness.

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Sleep: Made Easier Without Subluxation

sleep subluxation

The Dalai Lama says that sleep is the best meditation

We would like to further point out that sleep is also one of the best medications. It allows for the rest and repair of every cell in the body, for the recharging of essential systems and for the preparation for body and mind to face another day. Sleep is no joke; while you (hopefully) rest in comfort, your body is hard at work. So it is perhaps a cruel twist of fate that something so important can, for some people, be so hard to come by. As an office of chiropractic, we focus on improving quality and quantity of sleep by treating pain. 

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