Blood is Fuel: Boosting Circulation with Chiropractic

Circulation is power for body and mind

Blood is fuel: it contains oxygen and nutrients that help cells repair and regrow, and allows vital organs including the brain to use those inputs to function better. The most classic way to boost circulation is by exercising: whether you are lifting weights or moving aerobically, the natural response of your body is to increase blood flow. But too often, we don’t get the daily exercise we need, or other factors conspire to inhibit our circulation. Because good circulation is a cornerstone of good health, we want to be aware of those factors that contribute to poor circulation.

Poor circulation hurts 

When your blood is not circulating properly, every part of the body suffers. You may:

  • feel numbness or see swelling the extremities
  • experience headaches and increased anxiety
  • feel fatigued
  • suffer from reduced range of motion
  • suffer from lower brain function

Let’s use the brain as our model: as one of the body’s smallest organs, it requires up to 30% of total oxygen intake to keep it functioning properly. If your blood isn’t bringing this oxygen, functions such as memory and mood are immediately affected. What’s worse is that poor circulation can be a sign of more serious health problems. Conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol contribute to poor circulation. Blood clots in particular stop blood flowing between parts of the body, contributing to stroke and damaging arteries. 

What can chiropractic do for circulation? 

In support of healthy cell growth and good organ function, chiropractic seeks to increase circulation with natural modalities. Hands-on modalities encourage your blood to get moving, especially to injuries in the tissue where nutrients are needed most. With chiropractic adjustment, we free your spine from subluxation which improves range of motion allowing you to move more freely. And to be sure, movement is key to circulation: almost all of us can stand to add in a bit more movement and a bit less sitting. If you are interested in boosting circulation as part of your overall health plan, give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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