extension based pain and chiropractic in dunedin

A Map of your Back Pain: Extension Intolerance

Extension-based pain is related to hyperextension of the spine

You guessed it: extension based intolerance is the opposite of flexion-based. Whereas the latter is caused by bending over, extension-based pain is caused by an over-extension of the back; essentially too much arch, often brought on by anterior pelvic tilt, also causes pain. The people most affected by this condition include those who spend most of the day on their feet. In neutral position, the spine is considered “extended,” in a healthy way. Anything beyond this, that accentuates the curve more, becomes hyper-extended and thus, leaves you prone to pain and injury. When the spine remains in this position long enough, conditions such as facet joint syndrome, spondyloisthesis and spinal stenosis can occur. 

A home test for extension-based intolerance

Lie on your back with a normal curve in your spine. Press your back flat to the ground; does this feel better? If so, you may be extension intolerant. Again, don’t despair; the problems here are postural and structural by nature and fortunately, we are well equipped to help you banish extension-based pain. 

Treating extension-based intolerance with chiropractic therapy in Dunedin

We determine whether you have anterior pelvic tilt and prescribe a course of exercises which can reverse this postural deficiency. With chiropractic adjustment, we can restore balance to the spine and alleviate painful nerve compression; from here, we focus on establishing anterior core control by strengthening the muscles of the core without hyperextending the back. Give our office in Dunedin a call to schedule an appointment today. 


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