flexion based back pain and chiropractic in Dunedin

A Map of your Back Pain: Flexion Intolerance

Flexion-based intolerance is among the chief causes of back pain in the 21st century. 

To depict everyone as a hunchback would be going to the extreme, but it is worth noting that more people are becoming hunched over- at work in the office, at home on the couch, walking around with their phones; flexion-based back pain chiefly originates from sitting more and doing less. Your spine has a set amount of flexion it can do in its lifetime before it gives in to degeneration; in essence, every time you bend over or slouch or slump, you wear down your spine a little more. Degenerative conditions such as back pain, disc herniation and spinal stenosis are a natural result. 

A home test for flexion-based intolerance

Bend over as if you are reaching for your toes; do you experience any pain or does your pain get worse? This is a good sign you may have flexion intolerance; another is if you experience pain while sitting that goes away while standing and walking. If you are feeling flexion-based intolerance, don’t despair! But do avoid exercises such as:

  • Back squats
  • Dead lifts
  • Sit ups 
  • Crunches

These will only exacerbate your pain. Let’s heal you first before you get back to such aggressive movements as dead lifting.

A plan for relieving flexion intolerance and pain with chiropractic therapy in Dunedin

Flexion-based intolerance is common and we want to help you break out of a mold that is causing you pain. We use chiropractic adjustment to address misalignment of the spine that has occurred to encourage the healing of any damage or nerve compression related to subluxation. Once we have rehabilitated any long-standing injury, we introduce motions that help you restore range of motion while limiting motions that cause you pain and help you determine when you are in a flexion dominant position versus neutral. By strenghtening the core stabilizing muscles and restoring normal posture, we can help you leave flexion-based pain behind; give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 


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