Baby Stepping your Way to Fitness

“Fitness” is not going to happen overnight.

And what does fitness mean anyway? A ripped set of muscles or a killer beach body?

No, we think true fitness is a body with less pain and less weight to hold you back from doing things you truly love; a body that will prevent an old age full of difficulty and dysfunction. Any good fitness plan begins with realistic expectations so write down exactly what your fitness means to you and this will become your guiding light through the process ahead. 

Start simple with a single habitual exercise.

This is our challenge to you:

  • 10 push-ups a day done non-sequentially (eventually you’ll want to do them in a row) OR
  • 10 sit-ups a day OR
  • 20 minutes of recreational walking

…you get the idea. Challenge yourself! If you can do something once every single day, especially something that you like, your body and brain will begin to crave the endorphin release and you will start seeking out this activity as opposed to forcing yourself. From here, you build incrementally and we can help you put a plan in place to do just that. But it begins with changing the attitude toward movement. 

Stop looking at fitness as intimidating

But do keep your expectations realistic- this may be one of the hardest things you do but the upside is tremendous! At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we know that getting fit is a tough business, but we’ve seen great success that starts with realistic expectations. That’s why we offer you our fullest support in keeping your body free of pain so that you can pursue and realize your greatest fitness dreams. Give our office in Dunedin a call to schedule an appointment today. 

Dr. Chris Hayes, D.C. 

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