sacroiliac joint pain

Chiropractic for Sacroiliac Dysfunction and Related Pain

The sacroiliac joint is one of the most important joints in the body

And that is saying something considering that every joint in your body is a focal point of movement and therefore extremely important. The sacroiliac joint just happens to be located at a crucial confluence in the body, linking the pelvis bone (iliac) to the lowest part of the spine (the sacrum). Supported and stabilized by a host of ligaments and muscles, the sacroiliac joint conducts the transfer of forces between the upper body and legs. Problems with the sacroiliac joint include: 

  • Weakness in the surrounding muscles
  • Tightness/ stiffness in the joint or surrounding muscles
  • Acute injury of the joint
  • Inflammation in the joint capsule

Chiropractic technique for addressing sacroiliac joint pain

We use two primary techniques for restoring motion to the sacroiliac joint, boosting circulation and supporting healing:

  • Spinal adjustment utilizes high-velocity, low-amplitude thrusts to reset the position of the joint and regulate nerve function.
  • Spinal mobilization is a gentler method using low-velocity and low-amplitude thrusts to achieve the same effect as adjustment. 

Both of these improve range of motion in a limited sacroiliac joint, allowing you to focus on strengthening and stretching that will help effect a full rehabilitation. What’s more, we offer hands-on treatment of the soft tissue surrounding the joint to release overly-stiff muscles and ensure that your ligaments and tendons are not causing the pain. 

An accurate diagnosis for sacroiliac joint pain

An accurate diagnosis is the first and foremost important factor before starting any treatment involving the sacroiliac joint. What exactly is causing the dysfunction? Whether it be acute injury or degeneration from normal wear and tear, we need to determine the root cause of your pain and dysfunction. An accurate diagnosis is made difficult by the fact that the symptoms of sacroiliac joint pain overlap with a number of other conditions, including facet joint syndrome and herniated disc. At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we ensure that you get an accurate diagnosis for your sacroiliac joint pain and set a course for treatment using effective and gentle techniques to effect mobilization and rehabilitation. 

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