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Chiropractic Provides for the Productivity-Minded

Being productive is contingent upon feeling well

While we can force ourselves to be productive with sheer willpower and caffeine, there is an easier way of going about things. It entails being a little more proactive- looking out for the factors that inhibit cognitive efficiency and contribute to physical pain. Take your nervous system for example: it has a role in everything productivity related. Let’s break the nervous system down into its constituent part to demonstrate its role in productivity. The autonomic nervous system, which controls heart rate, respiration and digestion, is comprised of the:

  • Parasympathetic: when this part is active, heart rate is slowed, and we experience increased blood flow to the internal organs; this increases feelings of rest and encourages digestion. 
  • Sympathetic: when this part is active, our “fight-or-flight, reflex comes alive, increasing heart rate and respiration.

This second reaction enables us to take action and get the job done.

How to naturally stimulate your fight-or-flight 

You can take advantage of your body and your environment to mimic the conditions necessary for the sympathetic nervous system to kick in. Natural ways for stimulating your sympathetic nervous system and being more productive include:

  • Deep breathing: start increasing oxygen flow by taking deep, diaphragmatic breaths that fill your lungs. 
  • Turn up the brightness: of screen and surroundings. Dim and artificial light surroundings increase stress and make us more sleepy.
  • Work warm: being cold distracts us from the task at hand. Studies show that working in colder environments increases the amount of mistakes and lowers productivity. 
  • Take a break and go for a brisk walk: to get your circulation flowing and to change scenery, both important when you have been staring at a screen for hours on end. 

Sometimes, all it takes is to sit up straight; even a slight posture change can boost productivity. 

The nervous system is the key to productivity

At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we believe in looking for natural solutions to boost productivity. If back pain and physical discomfort is distracting you ad-nauseum and preventing true productivity, give our office in Dunedin a call. Our natural modalities, including spinal adjustment, decompression and massage alleviate pain and directly address nervous system dysfunction. By removing the nerve interference caused by subluxation, we help your nervous system work more effectively to support you in times when you need to be productive. 

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