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How To Stay Pain Free on Your Travels

Travel stresses our spines

There’s no avoiding it- planes, trains and automobiles are hardly designed with excellent ergonomics in mind. And they are certainly not customized to your body! As exciting as it is, traveling demands a lot from our bodies which means you need to be extra proactive about looking out for risk factors and warning signs. If you are facing the prospect of more than 3 hours in transit, you are likely to suffer from some degree of stiffness in the spine. For some of us, that may not cause an immediate problem; for others, it can be intolerable. Most likely, you are somewhere in between. Take a look at our tips for a healthier spine while traveling. 

Taking care of your spine in transit

There are many things you can do but the first thing to remember is to move as much as possible. On a trans-continental or trans-oceanic flight, most people stay put in their seats, only getting up to go to the bathroom. That means 6+ hours in which your intervertebral discs are drying out, muscles are stiffening and circulation is stagnating. This discomfort can be avoided by getting up, stretching and drinking water. It is your right to get up in the aisle and have a stretch- there is no need to be embarrassed. On a train, the same principle applies. 

In a car, you will obviously need to pull over to have a good stretch. Make sure you take a good 5-10 minute break at least. Other considerations for traveling in comfort include bringing a versatile back cushion to support the lumbar or neck. Pack light and never lift more than you can reasonably handle. 

Paying a visit to your chiropractor before you travel may save you a world of pain

For people with pre-existing back pain who are setting out on a vacation, it is worth checking in at your Dunedin chiropractor. We can help resolve problematic misalignment and subluxations that leave you vulnerable to nerve impingement and spinal dysfunction. If you want to feel your best throughout the trip, make sure to give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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