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How We Help Golfers Go Low

Low on the scorecard, high on the wellness

Golf is a simultaneously good and bad for the back; as a form of low-impact exercise, it gets us out and moving in a purposeful fashion. Depending on how you play, you may carry your bag or walk up and down hills. No matter who you are, the golf swing involves generating power, generally from torsion of the hips and force from the shoulders. You spend time in unnatural bending positions while you putt, or reach over to tee up or retrieve your ball. The reason we point out all of these motions is because they leave you vulnerable to:

  • Muscle strain 
  • Spinal injuries
  • Repetitive strain injury

The spine and the sport of golf share a precarious relationship. At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we help ensure that you play your best game while minimizing the risk for injury. 

Back pain relief for golfers

Step 1 is to know that if you are currently suffering back pain or a spinal injury, golf is most likely going to make it worse. The twisting, lifting and bending involved in golf are all motions that we generally advise you to avoid when trying to rehabilitate and repair conditions that are causing back pain. Instead, take a period of time off from the links, and pursue low-impact aerobic exercise and a visit to your chiropractor. We help detect the underlying cause to your pain and set a course for treatment and prevention. 

How we help golfers in Dunedin

We have become quite familiar with the sport of golf through our many patients who play golf here and around Dunedin. We are trained in the bio-mechanics of the golf swing and how it affects your spinal joints, especially in the lower back. We can show you a golf-specific warm-up plan that will keep your muscles limber against the risk factors of golf. 

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