I found this gem accidentally and boy am I glad.

I complained to my husband of back pain after having my two pregnancies 8 months apart I felt like someone had stolen my body from me. I am only 28 why do I feel like 78 I bet people that are 78 felt better than I have. I remember for the longest time I kept saying I need to see a chiropractor but like any other person who has never been to one I just kept putting it off until one morning I got up and couldn’t move. I left like someone stabbed a knife in my back and I was walking around like I didn’t want to bleed out. That morning I called Dr. Hayes office and he picked up he talked to me like I was family and told me he would get me in right away. I will never forget that first visit I was practically limping into the office I couldn’t walk normally the shooting pain was insanely painful. It took under 5 minutes for Dr. Hayes to bring me back from the dead. I practically jumped walking out of his office. I couldn’t believe it I wasn’t given any pain medication I didn’t have to climb a mountain to find the magical flower to heal me I just had to drive 5 minutes down the street and into an office of a very “AAHMAZING” chiropractor to feel like I’m 18 again. When I got home I told my husband all about this magical AKA my happy place and set him an appointment that same day we take our girls too 2 year old and a one year old Brianna is great with them we just love this whole office the atmosphere Amanda’s smiling face when we walk in. It just feels like visiting a family place which it is!!!! I highly recommend to everyone out there to check this place out they really are here to help with anything in a natural way no magic pill needed here!!

Dzemila Krivdic

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