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Ligaments and Tendons: What Gives when They Give

Ligaments and tendons are your movement assistants

Ligaments connect bone to bone. Ligaments add a layer of support and stability to the structures of your body, including joints and spinal motion segments. An injury sustained by a ligament is called a sprain.

Tendons connect muscle to bone. Tendons serve to conduct forces across the body and add a further layer of stabilization to the structures of your body. An injury sustained by a tendon is called a strain. 

Both are made of dense layers of connective tissue, known as collagen, and they have an incredibly high tensile strength that makes them resilient against able the pressure of all our essential movements. Together, they allow us to move without incurring injury; as a result, they are incredibly important role in our musculoskeletal biomechanics.

When ligaments and tendons succumb to excessive force

Like all the structures and tissues in our bodies, ligaments and tendons are prone to injury. When exposed to excessive force, the layers of tissue become over-stretched and torn. After such an acute injury is suffered, the body initiates a natural healing process that involves successive stages of inflammation, cell regrowth, and scar tissue adhesion which means that if you give your body enough time and rest, it should heal itself. But that doesn’t mean it can’t use a helping hand! Chiropractic seeks to augment your body’s natural healing response.

Chiropractic for ligament and tendon injury

Chiropractic focuses on reducing excessive inflammation and mitigates pain, both of which interfere with efficient recovery. With less pain, we focus on improving joint mobility so that you can maintain a regular schedule of movement that will ensure your body is circulating nutrient and oxygen-rich blood to the injurious region. We also prevent scar tissue from adhering and effectively trapping joints, which can further limit range of motion and interfere with healing. If you are interested in using musculoskeletal medicine to overcome your ligament or tendon injury, give our office in Dunedin a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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