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Losing Weight is a Mind Game

Forget about looking great and focus on real reasons for losing weight. 

Chasing an ideal body image or losing weight simply for the approaching beach season are “reasons” for losing weight, sure, but they are not much more. They let you down because they are superficial by nature: there is no such thing as an ideal body image- your body is unique to you and while looking great may make you feel great, it is secondary to achieving a healthy weight for the purpose of improving your life. Likewise the health website that tells you losing weight will reduce your risk for many diseases- this is unhelpful because it fails to connect to you; it is too open-ended. When it comes to weight loss, the more compelling reasons (and the more personalized they are) are the ones more likely to make you follow through with your plan.

At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we approach weight loss from an evidence-based angle.

Every single pound over your target weight is adding a burden to your joints, causing them to degrade quicker over time. Furthermore, too much body fat is linked to chronic inflammation. While degenerative joint disease may seem like an abstracted condition for the elderly, trust us when we say that it’s effects are life-altering and the pain is real! And it is a misconception that conditions like osteoarthritis are confined to the elderly- they can be experienced at any age and being overweight certainly contributes to their development. Knees, hips, and intervertebral discs are all at risk when excess weight is present. And when your joints start hurting, you stop moving, meaning weight gain and more pain; the condition perpetuates itself. The easiest way to break this cycle is to focus on getting to a healthy weight.

How we help with losing weight at our office in Dunedin

We support a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Yes, this process begins with those things you hear time and again: diet and exercise. But how can you think about exercising when pain or dysfunction is holding you back? Chiropractic helps align the spine, free nerves from impingement, assuage sore muscles and improve range of motion. After all, when moving is easier, you are more likely to do it. More than anything, losing weight is about taking your health in your own hands; with this endeavor we can help you! 

Dr. Chris Hayes, D.C. 


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