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How to Lose Weight Without Working Out

Lose weight without working out; but how you say? 

The answer has a lot to do with your eating habits. Caloric balance is an ever-evolving challenge but it always rests on the same basic equation: the calories you consume through carbohydrates, fats, sugars and proteins should be balanced by the calories you burn through your daily life. A great way to tip this balance in your favor is through exercise, but if you are not an exercising type, or if you simply don’t have the time, here are some other useful ways you can help keep the scale of caloric balance relatively equal.

Establishing caloric balance without physical exertion

Of course these tips are not able to fully compensate for lack of exercise, but they will help you lower calorie intake eat more mindfully!

  • Eat slower: take your time with your meal and chew thoroughly. 
  • Focus on protein: it makes you feel more full, reducing hunger and leading you to consume less calories in the long run. 
  • Focus on fiber: fiber also makes you feel full, reducing food and calorie intake. 
  • Replace soda with water: water reduces hunger, and the trade off between the caloric intake of a sugary drink and water can tip the scales enormously.

Why lose those few extra pounds?

Every pound over your ideal weight is adding unnecessary to the joints in your spine and the muscles supporting them, especially those of the lower back which bears the most burden of our upper body weight. Losing unnecessary weight is one of the fastest ways you can improve your experience with pain and ensure that your spine will have less burden going forward. There are many ways to lose weight and this is a good (albeit small) way to get started. 

Dr. Chris Hayes, D.C. 

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