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Posture in the Driver’s Seat

What does your back look like when you are driving? 

Most of us probably couldn’t even see a mental picture. For many people commuting is a fleeting, sub-conscious activity and, by treating it as such, we rarely give our backs the attention to detail that they deserve during the drive. To begin with, car seats are hardly conducive to healthy posture and we often end up hunched over or forward; slouched with our arm on the center console; shoulders tight, creeping toward the ears. Even minor commutes with poor posture put unnecessary pressure on the spine, joints and muscles in the back.

How am I supposed to look?

  • Sitting up straight with butt touching the back of the seat
  • Chin level and head centered over the spine; often this means the head is touching the head rest gently. 
  • Hips square, keeping the base of the spine and pelvis aligned
  • Hands at 9/3. 

If you must sit for a daily commute, this is the kind of posture that distributes forces evenly and prevents muscular imbalance from accumulating over the course of the trip. A longer road trip obviously calls for some variety in position so listen to your muscles; if they become stiff or sore, you know that they are becoming wary of whatever posture you have been locked in for the last hour. It is always prudent to pull over and give your shoulders a shake or do some simple stretching so that you can stay loose during the trip. 

Posture is a specialty here at Hayes Family Chiropractic- we want to help you find good form with every activity that you do regularly. 

Dr. Chris Hayes, D.C. 

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