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Pregnancy Doesn’t Have to Mean Nine Months of Pain

Why your back hurts when you become pregnant

Hormone changes set the stage for back pain. Relaxin is the hormone that is produced by the ovary and placenta and it is the hormone that all chiropractors are allowed to hate. Quantities of relaxin peak during the first trimester- it makes your body ready for the passage of the child by loosening ligaments in the pelvis.

How does this cause back pain? 

The pelvis, attached to the base of the spine, is very important for the stability of the upper body. As relaxin increases, and the structures are allowed to move, they quite often move in the wrong direction, causing spinal misalignment and impinging on nerves that exit the spinal canal. With the spine out of alignment, tissues in the surrounding area tighten and strain to support the new position.

Further effects of pregnancy on the spine

The platform is now set for poor posture. The growing weight of the child shifts the center of gravity of your entire body forward, and your lower back is forced to compensate for the additional weight. If you then pile poor posture on top of this instability and additional weight, back pain is an inevitable outcome. 

Intrauterine restraint, the condition in which normal movement of the fetus is obstructed, is another side effect of pelvic instability and can prevent the baby from achieving the normal head down position for birthing. 

What to do about back pain during pregnancy in Dunedin

Let’s start from stage one: all that relaxin has allowed your ligaments to loosen and your spine has fallen out of alignment. Gentle spinal adjustments restore alignment and increase circulation, allowing nutrient-rich blood and oxygen to reach your ailing lower back. With a properly aligned spine, you can focus on building the muscles that matter for supporting your lower back and maintaining good posture. 

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