Chiropractic for pregnancy in Dunedin

Prenatal Chiropractic in Dunedin

 If you are on your way to having a baby, we say congratulations!

At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we have three goals when it comes to this life-changing experience: to make the process as comfortable as possible for the mother, to give the process the greatest chance of success without complication, and to foster a nurturing environment for the child to develop. We offer non-invasive support for the mother’s body during a time of great physical upheaval.

Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy in Dunedin:

Chiropractic adjustment has been shown to be an effective tool that can help prospective mothers in the following ways:

  • Reducing aches and pains
  • Decreasing muscle tension and mental stress
  • Decreasing tension on the womb
  • Increasing immune function
  • Maintaining proper curvature of the spine
  • Maintaining pelvic balance

A woman’s body on pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body releases a flood of reproductive hormones to relax ligaments in preparation for the passage of the baby; while this is absolutely necessary for childbirth, it also weakens and destabilizes the pelvic region. On top of this weakened pelvis you then add the weight of the developing child which lowers your center of gravity and you have a perfect recipe for pain. 

Your chiropractic for pregnancy specialists in Dunedin

Excessive pressure on the spine leads to back pain and sciatica which can make an already stressful event more traumatic. What’s more, a misaligned pelvis can reduce the amount of available room for your baby to grow and create complications during the birthing process. Chiropractic adjustment helps to ensure that the entire spine maintains alignment and that the extra weight is distributed evenly across the supportive muscles and structures. If you would like to find out more about how chiropractic can help you and your baby, give our office in Dunedin a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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