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Regaining a Normal Life Post Accident

After the accident

Even after a “small” accident, your life is heavily impacted; even if you deem yourself uninjured, there can still be psychological scars and injuries under the surface. After all, the human body can only withstand so much radical movement; a seemingly innocuous accident can push our bodies to the outer limit of their range of motion through rapid, damaging motions like whiplash. Driving-wise, you may lack confidence on the road or find fear in previously neutral situations. But it is important to remember that, in all this, your health is the most important factor in a post-accident world. As you navigate the realms of insurance claims, be sure to check in with a primary care physician, chiropractor or physiotherapist to ensure that your body hasn’t suffered damage under the surface. Our previous blog here  covers Florida’s Personal Injury Protection statue and the importance of seeking care within the first 14 days of an accident. Read on to find out why choosing chiropractic is the right choice. 

Why visiting a chiropractor makes a difference

Chiropractors specialize in treating the musculoskeletal system, which is often the most impacted part of the body in an auto accident. It bears repeating that the true nature and scale of your injury may not reveal itself in the first days, or even weeks, after the accident. But once the damage is done, the degradation begins- injuries like herniated discs get progressively worse with time which is why it is so important that we detect them as soon as possible after the accident. We treat many of the most common auto-accident related injuries including: 

  • Concussion
  • Whiplash
  • Herniated discs

Your body has received a shock and the best way to ensure that this shock will not cause long term damage is to get your body checked out. Too many people are able to shrug off the impact of an auto injury and get on with their lives, allowing the injury to compound until it causes life-altering pain. Don’t let yourself make the mistake of thinking you are too busy, or that your accident was too minor, to pay a visit to the doctor; the maxim says: better safe than sorry. 

Chiropractic makes the difference in helping you return to a normal life post-accident

We work with primary care physicians and physiotherapists to design a comprehensive plan for healing your injuries. While rest and pain medication may help in the short run, we need to get you moving in order to support effective rehabilitation. At our office in Dunedin, we focus on healing the injury at its source and then building strength from the bottom up to help you return to a normal life without the chance for re-injury. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today. 



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