Save Yourself from the Damage of Commuting

< An example of how not to sit during your commute .

Commuting can be physiologically and psychologically damaging if you let it. 

The stress of traffic and the crunch for time can take it out of you before you even reach the office while the posture that many of us inevitably slip into in (for the most part) poorly designed car seats is causing unquantifiable damage to our spine. Today is the day we break this chain of damage and establish the daily commute as something more…comfortable. 

Here are some things we thought of that will negate the maleffects of a regular commute:

  • Make the commute easier on the body: focus on sitting up straight with your head balanced atop the spine and hands (with a relaxed grip on the wheel) at 9 and 3. Use a rolled-up jacket to maintain the lumbar curve and relax your shoulders. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes: wear your most comfortable pair in the car and wait to change into the stiff business shoes until you reach the office. 
  • Learn something new with a podcast: while its important to keep up with current events, news can be grating on our sanity. Try adding a podcast about your favorite subject into the routine- it engages your brain and keeps you happy. 
  • Stretch before and after: the neck, shoulders and lower back are the regions most affected during the drive. Use simple stretches to release these muscle groups from tension when you reach the office. 
  • Practice deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation along the way

It’s time to stop entering the office on the wrong foot 

Taking the above preventative measures sets a good safeguard against the incursions of stress from breaking your levy before work even starts. Another way is to reverse the damage that is already done. Let’s work together to unwind the years of tight muscles that have resulted from poor posture, rebalance your spine and establish good driving posture as the norm. Give our office in Dunedin a call to schedule an appointment today. 

Dr. Chris Hayes, D.C. 

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