Sleepless in Florida

While obesity has been the preeminent epidemic of the last few decades, another public health concern has been flying under the radar simultaneously: sleeplessness, in particular, the disorders of insomnia, sleep apnea and sleep deprivation. There are plenty of reasons why sleep is becoming harder to come by: caffeine addiction, the non-stop nature of the city and almost constant electronic stimulation during day time are some of the more modern factors. Regardless, lack of sleep creates a huge drag on quality of life: depression, obesity, hypertension and cancer have all been linked to chronic sleeplessness. On the other side of the coin, the one we hope to help everyone find, are the health benefits linked to sleeping well: 

  • Longer life 
  • Improved memory
  • Better mental and physical performance
  • Healthier weight with less fluctuation
  • Less stress
  • Lower levels of problematic inflammation

Chiropractic offers a multi-dimensional approach to helping you find a better night’s sleep. At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we focus on correcting misaligned vertebrae helps to improve communication between the brain and body, while simultaneously regulating blood flow and the circulation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. If there is a physical problem that is holding you back, particularly in the realm of pain or structural dysfunction, we can help you address the root of the problem and get you pain-free so you can fall asleep. From here it may be a matter of making minute lifestyle adjustments that will allow you to switch your busy brain off and find a state of true relaxation. 

Dr. Diane Hayes, D.C.

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