Stretches for the Serially Inflexible

Stretching may be the most important thing you are not doing

It’s easy to see why- with all the constraints of obligations on your waking hours, it can be hard to carve out a few minutes to lay down on the ground and breathe. But that could be the tonic you need to find a bit of relaxation amidst the chaos and provide your body with a gentle boost.

But where do I start? 

It can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve come up with a set of stretches that will start adding flexibility back into your life quickly! We hope to help you gain an appreciation for the feeling of flexibility and how it truly improves your life- in this way, you can take the initiative upon yourself to push further in your new flexible life. For now, let’s keep it simple and start with these intuitive and easy stretches. 

  • Knees to chest: lie on the ground and lift your knees toward your chest, squeezing from behind with both arms. Hold for 5 deep breaths, then…
  • …knees to the side: from the position above, lower your legs to the left, keeping your shoulders flat on the ground. Hold 5 deep breaths then repeat on the right side. 
  • One leg over stretch: lying supine, bring your right knee up then lower it over your left leg. Extend your right arm in the opposite direction and look over your right shoulder. Hold for 10 seconds. 
  • Thigh stretch: Lie on your left side and reach down to grab your right ankle. Pull your ankle up toward your butt to create a stretch in the upper leg. Hold 5 seconds and repeat on the other side. 

How we help at Hayes Family Chiropractic 

Many movements that release the lower back from tension involve stretching the legs. This is because there is a dynamic relationship between the muscles of the lower back and the muscles and nerves which control the function of the lower body. Tight muscles in the upper legs and hips can create a pull on the lower back that causes a lot of pain. At our office in Dunedin, we can help you identify problem areas and start a regimen of stretching and healing that will resolve a lot of your problems with pain. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today. 

Dr. Chris Hayes, D.C. 

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