The Complementary Role of Chiropractic in Pediatric Care

Our goal is to deliver your child the highest level of pediatric care

To that end, we collaborate with pediatricians and medical doctors to ensure your child is getting the exact type of care they need. Our goal is to add another dimension of care to the most important time of life- the development phase. And while pediatricians, dentists, and opticians are looking out for what society deems as the “essentials of development,” who is looking out for your child’s spine? We are! At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we specialize in pediatric chiropractic, something we can say with confidence thanks to hundreds of hours of time we have put in to achieve ICPA certification status. 

Chiropractic‘s role in pediatric care

It is a myth that the chiropractor seeks to somehow replace the pediatrician. Our areas of specialty are completely different- while a pediatrician is a medical pratitioner specializing in children and their diseases, pediatric chiropractors specialize in treating the child’s musculoskeletal and nervous system health.

Chiropractic technique is totally different for adults and children. The ICPA validates techniques that are appropriate for use on a child’s body, whose spines remain primarily cartilaginous until the age of six. Adjustments are typically much more delicate, and we often focus only on mobilizing joints to maintain function and full range of motion. With more delicate spines, we focus on minimizing the amount of rotation and traction in the joints, to meet the needs of a growing body. 

Spare your child future spinal problems by using chiropractic care

It is unlikely that your child will choose to make an appointment at the chiropractor; it is up to you to educate them on the importance of spinal wellness. Every child grows up hearing Grandpa grumble about how stiff his spine is- chiropractic helps set your child on the right track to avoid that! If you are interested in adding another level of care to your child’s development, give our office in Dunedin a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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