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The Most Neglected Muscles in the Body: Part 1

Making a case for strengthening of the rhomboid

We have a question: what is the point of bulking your body if the most crucial parts can’t bear the load of the new muscle? A case in point is that of the rhomboids: located in the upper back, these are the muscles that connect the shoulder to your spine. Innervated by the dorsal scapular nerve, these muscles play a role in shoulder mechanics, chiefly the retraction of the scapula. 

What are the consequences of a weak rhomboid?

A weak set of rhomboids leaves you open to a number of health pitfalls. Most people focus on developing the muscles all around them- the biceps and triceps, delts, lats and traps which make you look good. But by not simultaneously cultivating the strength of the rhomboid, you create a deficit in the balance of the upper back. This has two main consequences: probability of poor posture and likelihood for injury, especially in the weight room. Weak rhomboids mean that you are less able to bear the load of weighted (or natural) resistance training as you scale up with the other muscles. 

Rhomboids and spinal balance

Balance of the body is an integral part of our philosophy at Hayes Family Chiropractic. When it comes to working out, alignment of the spine is very important to ensure that forces are distributed equally and muscle is built equally. We can help you achieve spinal alignment by correcting subluxation and show you some simple moves for strengthening the rhomboid. Give our office in Dunedin a call to schedule an appointment today. 

Dr. Chris Hayes, D.C.

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