These guys are great!

The entire staff is awesome. There are two who stand out; the doctor and the massage therapist. Dr. Chris is so good at straightening the spine. It’s amazing that he can touch and feel where is out of place. Then he pops and cracks it back in and you’re on the road to spinal health! The doctor is very experienced and will get your spine properly aligned, quickly. He is also genuinely a nice guy, who is fun to talk to. Now, the other specialist that needs tremendous spotlight is Ian, the massage therapist. He is nicknamed “Bear Paws”, and he has fantastic strength behind those mitts. He is also very experienced at what he does. He will coerce your muscles through manipulation and peaceful pressured persuasion until it hurts so good that you’ll feel ultimately relaxed. I had never been to a masseuse prior. Bear Paw’s bedside manner was excellent. He’s very professional and proper, to a high class extent. Amazing, because he will joke with you in the lobby like you went to school together. They are all really a nice bunch. The front office staff has a great sense of humor (which I appreciate), and they are a family business. Good group!! Recommend!!!

Cory Allen

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