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This Holiday Season, Believe in the Magic of the Spinal Adjustment

A Christmas card from your Dunedin chiropractor

Once the glitter of your New Year’s celebration has settled, how is your back going to feel? This is a question that many of us ignore as we are mired in holiday engagements and pursuing unhealthy holiday habits. Each New Year, we inevitably see many a patient who’s back has taken a beating during the intense holiday schedule. From our perspective, that’s no way to start a new year! 

Utilizing spinal adjustment for back pain relief in the new year

For many people during the holiday season, activity levels drop and nutrition takes a back seat. One of the first things to suffer is the spine; you may even feel stiff and sore as you sit on the couch during festivities. Spinal misalignment is rampant during the holidays- because of factors such as poor posture and lack of exercise, vertebral bodies move out of alignment and put pressure on nearby spinal nerves. 

The solution: spinal adjustment. Using low-intensity, high-amplitude thrusts, we restore spinal alignment which gives you the following benefits: 

  • Relieves nerve impingement
  • Restores range of motion to spinal joints
  • Helps balance musculature supporting the spine

For people suffering from conditions such as herniated discs, spinal adjustment and mobilization helps by creating negative intradiscal space, allowing for the rehydration of the disc. 

Starting 2018 with a bang (chiropractic adjustment)

It’s the right move! At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we want to help you with all your health objectives this new year. If your resolution has to do with improving your spinal health, there can be no better move than to make an appointment with the chiropractor- we are standing by to help you overcome back pain and live a better life today! 

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