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Tight Shoulders

Are you part of the growing population with a tight set of shoulders and if so what are you doing about it?

Chances are your trapezius is misfiring- that is, the upper trapezius is overactive while the middle and lower parts are under-active. This kind of disparity within the same muscle is problematic because it creates an imbalance that makes good posture hard to hold and increases the likelihood of pain and stiffness. 

The problem is cyclical in nature.

When you spend a day hunched over your computer with your head forward, the upper trapezius, which connects from the back of the head to the collar bone, is constantly contracted, pulling the shoulders up and inward to give you that hunched look that is so fashionable in the office. Your body is a creature of habit and as your muscles learn that this is the position you want your shoulders in, they oblige you; the middle and lower parts of the muscle are unable to assist with shoulder stabilization and articulation and they begin to weaken from lack of use. This shifts more burden onto the upper traps and you are left with stiff and sore shoulders. 

The problem is also muscular and mechanical in nature.

As we see it, with enough attention to the issue, you can remove your shoulders and upper back from the pattern of tightness that defines their daily existence. At our office in Dunedin, we provide you with chiropractic adjustment to maintain the alignment of the spine, thereby removing nerve irritation and improving range of motion. Trigger point therapy is effective for getting into knotted muscles and releasing the tension, allowing you to focus on strengthening and stretching without pain. Stop ignoring the pain and stiffness- it is your body telling you something needs to be fixed. And we are here to help; give our office a call to schedule an appointment today. 

Dr. Diane Hayes, D.C. 

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