Turning Off the Tech This Holiday Season

Technology takes a toll

No matter how much you love it, all those devices have a measurable effect on your health. Excessive screen time keeps us from being physically active; it also keeps us from being socially active. While there is a pretense that all your social media keeps us “more in touch than ever,” we are also foregoing myriad social interactions throughout the day. It becomes hard to rest with technology always around- different devices dinging, always keeping you in touch with the world around you. Disconnecting- and decompressing- becomes difficult. 

This holiday season, take a break from tech

And watch your stress level go down, down, down. You may have an initial period of anxiety over what you are missing, also known as FOMO or the Fear of Missing Out. But you will immediately become more centered in the present moment. You will take a look around and enjoy everything for what it is- the family and friends that surround you during the Holiday season. There are many examples of people getting creative with taking breaks from tech. But the important thing to know is that even if you can give yourself a solid 2 hour break, you are actively reducing stress. 

Stress relief is so important 

Turning off the tech is just one way to reduce stress. At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we help the members of our community instill stress reduction as a core concept in their daily life. From lifestyle adjustments like the one discussed in this blog, to hands-on treatments that release tension from your musculature and help you rest easier, we are dedicated to helping you reduce your stress level. 

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