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What Chiropractic Means to Your Livelihood

How do you make a living? 

No matter whether you drive a truck, push a pencil, bench press or tweet for a living, your body and brain are the most important resources in your toolbox. So why is it that so many of us seem to freely sacrifice our bodies in pursuit of the paycheck? We don’t really think it’s that cut and dried. Let’s take a closer look at how and why we let our bodies degrade at work, and how to prevent it from happening to you! 

A slow and steady decay

Humans are good at prioritizing- we know that the job needs to get done and we will put everything else on hold to do it. We are able put such important items as our personal lives, emotions, hunger, thirst and physical pain on hold. And that is really unfortunate because most of our jobs are causing some degree of physical and mental stress. If we do NOTHING, what point will we reach? We treat many office workers who have ignored nagging lower back pain for decades before they finally chose to address it. But what is this doing to our quality of life in the meantime? 

Choosing to address pain head on

We believe that quality of life should come before a paycheck. That may seem like a privileged statement, and don’t get me wrong: not all of us can realistically dedicate the time, energy or money to taking care of our bodies. We don’t want to preach, we just want to raise awareness. If you are feeling pain, however minimal, on a regular basis, it is not normal. Chances are good that it will compound over time and develop into something much worse. 

At Hayes Family Chiropractic, our job is a.) to stop you from reaching this point, b.) to mitigate the symptoms once you have reached this point.  With enough proactive exercise, rehabilitation and awareness, you can avoid sacrificing your body to your paycheck. We are workplace wellness experts and we want to help you!

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