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What Would Your Chiropractor Say? Getting Rid of Unhealthy Habits

When it comes to spinal health habits, do you really know better?

As humans, we are good at avoiding what’s good for us, and even better at embracing unhealthy habits. Now, we are not equating laziness with human nature but it seems that despite our best intentions we often fall short; and when we fall short by ignoring a healthy habit, we sell our spines and bodies short in the process. Now we definitely agree that you are what you eat, but your body is also determined by the way you behave. Below, you will find a list of the most common and egregious behaviors that are harmful for the spine. Actively living a lifestyle that includes these behaviors is setting yourself up for failure in the long wrong- failure that can have serious ramifications on your musculoskeletal health. If you want to be a mobile, active old person, you need to start acting in the here and now to keep your spine strong.

Bad spinal health habits

Be honest with yourself. Do you actively engage in any of the following activities?

  • Excessive use of technology: OK maybe you have to work on a computer, but do you have to fill every spare second with a glance at your phone, or every evening with a TV binge?
  • Overloading your bag: be strategic with where you keep things so you don’t have to schlep so much.
  • Avoid exercise: if you are feeling lazy, choose a gentler routine that still gets your muscles and joints moving. 
  • Exercise incorrectly: make sure you know how to lift weights, how to ride a properly adjusted bike, what footwear to choose when running, etc.
  • Choosing not to manage stress
  • Overeating and choosing inflammatory ingredients
  • Ignoring your posture

Let us help you improve your spinal health by getting rid of bad habits and getting excited about healthy ones!

We are Dunedin’s spinal health specialists and we can help you alter your lifestyle in ways that will save your spine down the line. If you are interested in finding out more, give our office in Dunedin a call to schedule an appointment today. 

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