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Why Does a Massage Feel So Good?

Massage goes deep with wellness benefits

Nothing feels better than a massage. Whether it comes from the hands of a loved one or from the hands of a qualified professional, the essence of a massage is the same: relaxing your body and mind so that stress and pain pass away. The state of heightened health you attain after massage includes boosted immunity that helps your body fight off illness and injury. At Hayes Family Chiropractic, we are proud to offer professional massage services that provide our patients with more well-rounded healthcare. 

The professional difference

When performed with proper technique and method, massage becomes a tonic for the body and mind. From a spinal health care perspective, massage: 

  • Reduces stress: safe, professional environments with an experienced set of hands set a tone that helps soothe away anxiety and depression, especially if it is linked to physical pain. 
  • Alleviates muscle tension: by improving local circulation, a specific sore spot can literally be massaged back into a state of balance, helping to reduce pain and improve range of motion. 
  • Mitigates back pain: massage is, time and again, found to be as effective as many more aggressive forms of treatment for back pain. 

What’s more, it helps counteract many of the muscular imbalances that accumulate throughout our daily life. Postural deficiencies and shortcomings respond well to massage. Whether you sit too much or work too hard standing up, massage can be catered toward your particular lifestyle.

Is massage right for you? 

Chances are highly likely that you will benefit from a massage. Our patients report that they feel less anxiety, more naturally abundant energy, and find better sleep in the wake of a massage. The tonic-like quality of massage stays with you for days afterward. Massage works best when combined with spinal adjustment and other natural modalities; each forms an important piece of a preventive healthcare lifestyle. At our office in Dunedin, we integrate many forms of natural healthcare to keep your spine in a state of balance and health. If you are in need of a massage 

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