Your Neck: Friend or Foe?

The internet would have you believe that a sore, stiff neck is simply an unavoidable part of getting old. Indeed they are unavoidable if we choose to live more sedentary, immobile lifestyles; in this scenario, your pain is most likely a manifestation of several factors including strained muscles, injured ligaments and nerve compression. And while random flares of neck pain tend to get better on their own in a matter of days or weeks, pain is a signal that something is wrong and if you have recurring episodes of neck pain, it may be time to start listening.

Take a minute to admire the functionality of your neck; for movement and articulation of the head; for channeling blood to the brain and food to the stomach; among other things, the neck is a magnificent structure. Within that trunk the respiratory, lymphatic, nervous and immune systems operate in a state of fragility. Very few of pay attention to the neck before it exhibits signs of pain or stiffness and, by doing so, we are leaving it vulnerable to the physical and mental stress agents with which we live in close proximity. For some people who have reached their limit, it is time to stop reaching for the pain-muting pills, and seek a totally natural form of response to the problem.

Fortunately, chiropractic treatment is tailor made for the management and, in many cases, dissolution of recurrent neck pain. Chiropractic adjustment, performed gently and purposefully, help restore alignment to the vertebrae which allows for unimpaired nerve communication down the spinal cord. An example of this can be made out of the phrenic nerve, which powers the diaphragm (main breathing muscle), and is itself powered by nerves exiting between C3 and C5. A subluxation in this region can cause restrictions to the respiratory system as well as pain and stiffness due to nerve compression. Furthermore, trigger point therapy and massage can release muscles from epidemic tension, allowing you to feel looser and move with less pain. It’s time to take the health of the neck seriously, to prevent an old age full of more problematic conditions. If you are interested in protecting your neck, give our office in Dunedin a call and schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Chris Hayes, D.C. 

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